【Cable Free】 Completely cordless! These Wireless Headphones will release you from all the troubles of cords. Never need to deal with tangled cables anymore. Enjoy your comfortable and convenient wireless life from now on!
【Mini & Super Lightweight & Excellent Quality】 Weighing only 4.5g and with this mini size, our Wireless Earphones is comfortable to use during exercises, driving or on any occasion. Neither do you need to worry if the size is suitable for your ears. We offer Silicone Eartips of three different sizes in the package, so you can choose the most suitable one.
【Charge Wherever You Are】 Sax Bluetooth Headphones are equipped with a charging box, which allows you to charge your bluetooth earphones at any time or any place. It is also small in size, ensuring that it is easy and convenient to carry. With only 1 hour charging in the box, the earphones can play about 4 hours.
【Easy Control and Use】 With single Button for multiy functiones, you only need to press the button to play, pause, change the music or take, reject calls. And they will automatically connect to your device after the first use.
【Qick link to phone Voice Assistant 】 Sax Bluetooth Earbuds can quick launch the devices Voice Assistant(e.g. Alexa/Siri/Google assitant) just by press the button.

【Wide Compatibility 】 Sax Bluetooth Earbuds support bluetooth specificaiton 5.0 and are compatible with bluetooth devices of version BT 4.2 or ther earlier vrsions, which allows you to use them with IOS and Android devices.




BT Version: BT 5.0                                          蓝牙版本:5.0

Chipset: AB1526P                                            主芯片: AB1526P

Battery : 60mAh (Earphone)                        电池: 60毫安时

380mAh(Charger box)                                  380毫安时(收纳盒内置)

Support : HSP,HFP,A2DP and AVRCP     协议: HSP/HFP/A2DP 和AVRCP 等Play Time : >5h( 75% volume)

播放时间: 约5小时(参见备注)

Working distance:> 15m                              通讯距离: 15米(参见备注)

Color: Black , blue , white , pink                 颜色: 黑色、白色、蓝色

Charger cable:  Micro-USB                          充电线: Micro USB

Box Wireless charging (optional)              收纳盒子:支持无线充电(选配)

Voice command made simple. One-touch wake up Alex, Siri, and Google assistant

支持一键语音唤醒 Siri /Alex/谷歌语音助手

Remark: different music and environment  leads to differ paly time & distance   备注:播放时间可能因播放内容不同略有差异,通信距离会因环境不同略有差异